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Solid Technique is the key to good boxing. In boxing classes, the focus is on teaching students proper form and positioning so as to set a good foundation to build on. The goal is to enable the student to grasp a solid understanding of skills central to boxing through step-by-step, focused instruction. Footwork and mobility are the two most important elements to boxing and tie together what is needed to be most effective. Correct positioning means tat the feet work together to provide mobility. Without good footwork you don’t have good movement, and movement is the key to staying light on the feet.

In boxing, power begins in the toes and moves up the body and into the fists. Generating intensity through muscles in the back, abdominals, and legs. Boxing classes emphasize footwork, stance, and hand placement using these elements. Straight punches are learned first. Students learn that their fastest and most important punch is the jab, followed by the powerful right cross. They also learn how to deliver these punches and defend against them at the right time, at the proper angle, and in the best way to be most effective. Specifics of how to make a proper fist, how to bend at the knees and where to keep hands positioned are also covered in detail.

Basic Boxing
Basic boxing class teaches Sensei Haru’s command system. This system gives specific numbers for each punch and kick holding the principal idea that boxing strategy is based on science, technique and what really works rather than just what looks good. For example, a jab is called “number one”, a right cross is “number two”, and hooks are “three” (left), and “four” (right). This extremely effective system simplifies communication between instructor and student, and also makes creating combinations much easier.

Intermediate Boxing
In the intermediate-level boxing classes, students learn how to throw hooks and uppercuts properly. They learn progressive combinations that set up, connect, and finish series of punches for the best and most powerful tactics. Counter techniques and defenses against all punches are learned in the intermediate-level classes.

Advanced Boxing
In advanced boxing classes, students fine-tune the skills they’ve learned in basic and intermediate-level boxing classes. They learn how to use body-punches, how to outmaneuver opponents and how to maximize their abilities. Fundamentals of how to spar well, how to realistically and effectively shadowbox, how to deal with opponents and “southpaw” stance are also learned.