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The Art of Kickboxing is one that demands technical precision and focus. Learning kickboxing enables you to become a well-rounded fighter. Using the knuckles as one’s only weapon isn’t enough when you can bring together other areas of the body like the legs, shins, elbows, and knees. Muay Thai allows you to take advantage of everything you’ve got for a complete, full-contact fighting system.

Basic Kickboxing
In Muay Thai kickboxing, the two most common kicks are the front kick and the roundhouse kick. In the basic kickboxing class, students learn these two kicks and their corresponding counters and defense moves. Students are taught the dynamics of how to execute a kick properly to protect the knees, what to do with their hands and the best way to land kicks.

Intermediate Kickboxing
Intermediate-level kickboxing classes aim to increase a student’s flexibility and to be able to kick higher and longer. Students learn high kicks, middle kicks, side kicks, and spinning back kicks. Intermediate kickboxing is directed at teaching varied kicking techniques and focuses on teaching students how to pair kicks with punches to create functional and effective combinations.

Advanced Kickboxing
Advanced classes finish the techniques learned in basic and intermediate classes. Sensei Haru focuses on Muay Thai techniques such as knee strikes and elbow strikes. Proper sweeping and neck wrestling methods are also taught. Students learn how to develop advanced competitor skills.