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Pankration is a sport derived from the ancient Greek Olympic sporting events. It means “all powers” and its rules demanded that pankratiasts did not bite or gouge the eyes of their opponents in combat. A victory was commanded by one of three things:


Modern day no-holds-barred (NHB) or Vale Tudo events are the result of man’s reluctance throughout history to let go of the fascination with the raw element of the sport. The allure is nothing new. Empty-handed combat once filled ancient Greek coliseums with thousands of enthusiasts who hungered for the excitement or witnessing man-to-man displays of skill and audacity.

Pankration is about combining one’s skills using many fighting techniques to win. It is about preying upon an opponent’s weaknesses by finding the balance in your own abilities to win out against another fighter. Pankration seeks to fine-tune all aspects of a fighter’s game so that he/she is ready foe whatever might come his/her way and, in turn, becoming as well-rounded as possible.

HMC offers three different classes in Pankration. Each class focuses on a particular element of Pankration training. The first is takedowns, then ground striking, and finally, grappling. Classes may be taken simultaneously.

Takedowns Takedown classes focus on integrating wrestling, Judo, and Sambo techniques. Doing so facilitates the transaction between stand-up combat and taking someone to the ground. Students learn how to develop takedown skills against aggressive boxers and aggressive kickboxers. Defense tactics against takedowns are also taught.

Ground and Striking
Ground fighting demands completely different skills than stand up technique. Ground striking requires solid ground control skills and in this class – kicking, punching, and elbow strikes on the ground are the focus. Understanding of solid positioning and development of holding skills are emphasized.

In this class, submission techniques, holding techniques, and ground control training are the main focus.